Havaianas + IdeaFixa
This project is supported by IdeaFixa, a design and art-related business, from São Paulo, and the famous Brazilian flip flop brand Havaianas. An open contest to designers, illustrators, graffiti artists, photographers, and anyone interested in visually interprets the theme “Urban Colors”.
Six Factor Website
This project involved deep research, focus on the client, and engaging visual assets. Being responsible for redesigning the Six Factor website was a great challenge and a significant opportunity to improve the company's presence on the internet.
OFFbeat App
OFFbeat is a mobile application that offers a unique trip experience as a digital journal for those who want to explore different places beyond the obvious and not spending their time going to the same places that everybody goes. Get OFF the beaten track!
SEDS | Social Media
These projects are from the São Paulo State Government, inside the Social Development Department. This division takes care of the underprivileged people. The content was created is to promote the services of the department on Social Media.
Proximity Landing Page
Proximity is the Six Factor tailor-made smart geo-map layering tool. Proximity offers to businesses, critical information in the right place, at the right time.
The Hub Platform
The HUB is a responsive, data-driven web platform that brings the DIY spirit to you! It’s a Do It Yourself media-rich community. In the platform, people can access amazing content and share their creations. The proof of concept The HUB showcase is about drink recipes.
Buddy, Go! App
Buddy, Go! is a social media app focused on pet lovers. A place where people can find not only services but also a sense of belonging. After creating a profile for their pet, owners can use Buddy Go! to meet new friends, search for cool pet-friendly places, services nearby, and even find a home for a rescued buddy.
This is a brand that I developed at the São Paulo State Government, Health Department. HumanizaSES is a division inside the São Paulo Health System that promotes a humanized service for the population. A human connection between the hospital staff and the patients to offer a better service for the community.
Salvador | Sambasole
This project is a couple of illustrations that I developed as a freelancer for a small flip flop company called "Sambasole" from Salvador, Brazil. The objective is to represent Salvador City, the Brazilian Carnival, and its colorful, vibrant, and intense culture.
This is a brand that I designed during my work experience at Junto Propaganda, in São Paulo, Brazil. WBecker is a company that develops projects related to electrical engineering.
This is a graphic design project that I developed at the Junto Propaganda, an Advertising Agency from São Paulo. Servtec is a big company in Brazil that works with different kinds of electric power generation: wind, hydro, geothermal, and solar. These layouts are from the annual financial statement report.
Caixa de Palavras
This is a father-son project called "Caixa de Palavras" which means "Word Box" in English. My father wrote these texts during distinct moments of his life. Basically, the majority of the texts consist of short stories and poetry.
Refugiados Exhibition
Every year Brazil receives refugees from different parts of the world that are suffering from war or any other serious issues. As a designer of the Social Department of the São Paulo State Government, I made my contribution by creating a poster and a flyer to promote a fantastic exhibition.
Dry Bike
These are printed media advertising pieces that I developed at Junto Propaganda, an Advertising Agency from São Paulo. The purpose is to promote the services of a bike repair shop called "Bry Bike" that offers a dry wash system.
This is my visual interpretation of a song from Vinicius Castro, a young Brazilian artist that invited me to transform his music into a visual artwork.
ICESP | SP Câncer Magazine
During my work experience at the Health Department of São Paulo State in Brazil, I developed the design project and several layouts for the magazine of the Cancer Institute, one of the biggest hospitals specialized in cancer treatment in Latin America.
Vans Skateboarding Legends
This video is an entirely personal/academic project that I developed to improve my skills in motion design during an After Effects course. The purpose is to play a tribute to the Vans Skateboarding Shoes and its most iconic Skateboarders.
Pfizer | Conexão
This is a periodic magazine that I worked on during my work experience at Junto Propaganda. This material is part of several activities that Pfizer engages with its employees.